Kingdom Power Team

Welcome to my site. My name is Daniel Pacheco and I want to thank you for taking a few minutes to visit my site. I train and help folks that are looking for the specific skills that are needed in order to succeed in the Home Based Business Arena. Thousands of people dream of having their own business to better their lives. Many think of this as their American Dream. But many find that starting a business is the easy part. Most entrepreneurs will fail within their first 5 years and 90 percent of those that
pass the 5 year mark will fail within 10 years. So what do all of these failed business attempts have in common? Lack of Business Skills.Learning these skills is what separates success and failure. It is why some people can use technology
and gadgetry effectively while others struggle every day. You must have a solid business foundation to succeed intentionally and not accidentally. I take out all the guess work so that you can start implementing these skills in your business today and start seeing your profits grow. No matter what business you are in, I can help you increase sales, command larger fees, generate repeat customers, and build a client database based on referrals. My training is designed to make more money in less time so
that you can spend more time with family, or doing whatever is important in your life.
My training approach is based on success within the home based business arena not theory. Prior to getting involved in the home based business arena I had been involved in selling for some the biggest companies out there in the Educational Field. I owned a successful Head Hunting company and also had a Real Estate and Mortgage company. I have made a lot of money in traditional business so why do I like
the home based business arena? It’s about having a shot at success with just a little bit of money and some great products and the RIGHT TRAINING you can take your business to the moon! Plus you don’t have to learn or do all the things that are required to do in order to succeed with traditional businesses. Look I hated this industry before I got involved but then I found out that with no experience and some hard work I started making 20,000 dollars a month in only 9 months! My income continued to rise and I lived for the next 4 years off of nine months of work! Where else can you do that? I am telling you it
is possible. So take a moment and fill out the form on this site and have an open mind. My training is different; it is not based on trying to sell you gadgetry or tools. (Although there are some out there that makes life easier for you). It is not based on theory or myths. It is based on RESULTS I have made Six Figures my first year; Multiple Six Figures my 2 you are tired of looking for something that works and are ready to succeed fill out the form on this site
and lets’ get started. Thanks and God Bless.